Healthy Hanukkah Game Cards


Help your remote learners get active at home over the holidays with this fitness-based, Hanukkah-themed activity!

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Healthy Hanukkah is a holiday-themed health and fitness game that was specifically designed for remote learners.

Game Overview

It’s almost Hanukkah and it’s time to light the Menorah. However, the Menorah candles have gone missing! They must be hidden around the house and it is up to students to find them!

Using the printable Healthy Hanukkah Cards included in this resource, students are on a quest to find the candle cards that are hidden throughout their house. Using a dreidel to help determine the number of repetitions to complete, students can keep the candles they discover by performing a variety of exercise movements.

The goal of the game is to collect the nine Hanukkah Menorah candle cards as quickly as possible!

Game Resources

The Healthy Hanukkah Game Cards includes two printable PDFs: the Menorah Candle Cards sheet and the Candle Tracker sheet.

The Menorah Candle Cards can be printed out and cut out in order to be hidden around the student’s home. However, if the student does not have access to a printer, they can use the playing card codes on the Menorah Candle Cards sheet to be able to play with a regular set of playing cards. Should students not have access to a dreidel, they can access a digital, interactive dreidel with a mobile device by scanning the QR code on their Candle Tracker Sheet. I’ve also found some instructions to build your own dreidel at home!

Happy Teaching!