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Help create a culture of thinking and learning in your physical education program by making the learning process explicit with the help of this printable poster!

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The “How We Learn” printable poster was designed to help add to the culture of thinking and learning that I strive to create in my physical education program. The poster highlights the value of learning HOW to learn in regards to the lifelong development of one’s physical literacy and provides students with a five step process for learning new skills:

  1. See It! Watch the skill in action.
  2. Try It! Explore the skill without worrying about making mistakes.
  3. Break It! Break the mature pattern of the skill down into smaller chunks (important keys).
  4. Work It! Practice the skill by focusing on the important keys, setting goals, and asking for feedback.
  5. Learn It! Continue to work towards mastering the skill all while enjoying the learning journey!

As students learn new skills in my lessons, they are encouraged to reflect on the five steps in order to make sure that they are taking charge of their own learning and getting the most out of physical education!

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