Moveminton Game Pack


Help your online physical education students develop their understanding of net & wall game tactics with Moveminton: a fun, competitive game for virtual PE!



Moveminton is an online net and wall game designed for your virtual physical education lessons. The game helps students develop their understanding of how to create and attack open space in net and wall game situations.

The Moveminton Game Pack provides you with everything you need to use this virtual PE game online with your students! The pack includes:

🏸  Moveminton Google Slides Template (“Make A Copy” link available in README file)
🗺  Net/Wall Games Learning Roadmap
🎯  “Attacking Open Space” Assessment Tool (PDF & PNG versions)
📋  “Net & Wall Games Tactics” Student Observation Tool

Be sure to watch the full Moveminton gam video to see how this game can be used in a virtual PE setting. You can also find additional builds for the game on the Moveminton game page.