Reindeer Round-Up Game Cards


Santa’s reindeer are on the loose! Can your remote learners round them all up in time for the big night? Let’s see what they can do in this holiday-themed, fitness-focused activity that can be played at home!

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Reindeer Round-Up is a holiday-themed, fitness-based scavenger hunt game that was designed for remote learners to play at home.

Game Overview

Santa’s reindeer are on the loose! Can you help round them all up in time for the big night?

Print and cut out the nine reindeer cards included in this download and ask a family member to hide them around the house. Then grab your Reindeer Tracker sheet, a pencil, and a coin as you head out to find and catch the reindeer.

When you find a reindeer, you’ll need to decide which bait to use to catch it:

🍓 Berries cost the fewest repetitions but also only give you one flip of the coin.

🍎 Apples cost more repetitions to use but give you two coin flips!

🥕 Carrots are a reindeer’s favourite! They cost the most repetitions but give you three coin flips!

All you need is to get “heads” once to catch the reindeer! Be careful: if you miss it (i.e. you only get tails), then you will have to wait until the next day or until you catch another reindeer to try to catch that elusive reindeer again!

Game Resources

The Reindeer Round-Up Game Cards includes two printable PDFs: the Reindeer Cards sheet and the Reindeer Tracker sheet.

The Reindeer Cards can be printed out and cut out in order to be hidden around the student’s home. However, if the student does not have access to a printer, they can use the playing card codes on the Reindeer Cards sheet to be able to play with a regular set of playing cards.

Happy Teaching!