Striking & Fielding Teacher Pack


Find everything you need to make this standards-based unit a part of your physical education curriculum in the Striking & Fielding Game Teacher Pack!

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This standards-based Striking & Fielding Games unit was designed to help my middle school students meet the following outcomes from SHAPE America’s National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education:

  1. Identifies open spaces and attempts to strike the object into that space. (S2.M10.6)
  2. Identifies the correct defensive play based on the situation (e.g., number of outs). (S2.M11.6)
  3. Strikes a pitched ball with an implement with force in a variety of practice tasks. (S1.M20.6)

In this downloadable teacher pack, you will find everything you need to make this unit a part of your physical education curriculum. The download contains:

  1. The Striking & Fielding Games Unit Unpacked Content Tree (PDF)
  2. The Striking & Fielding Games Unit Learning Roadmap (PDF)
  3. My Numbers Gradebook (.numbers – compatible only with macOS and/or iOS)
  4. The “Selecting Space” Assessment Sheet (PDF)
  5. The “Striking To An Open Space Recorder” Self-Assessment Sheet (PDF)
  6. The “Defensive Decision Making” Assessment Sheet (PDF)
  7. The “Striking & Fielding Games” Game Category Poster (PDF)
  8. The “Race To The Bases” Printable Game Sheet (PDF)
  9. The “Chuck The Chicken” Printable Game Sheet (PDF)
  10. The “Whacky Baseball” Printable Game Sheet (PDF)
  11. The “Ribby” Printable Game Sheet (PDF)
  12. The “Danish Longball” Printable Game Sheet (PDF)

You can learn all about my Striking & Fielding Games unit in the blog post walkthrough that I wrote about it. Check it out by hitting the button below!

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