The Adventure Badges Resources


Bring some gamification to your classroom/school and celebrate your students’ positive behaviours with the Adventure Badges!



The Adventure Badges Game is a system that was designed to celebrate student behaviour by bringing some fun gamification into your classroom.

The whole thing is built around this idea of students unlocking specific badges by demonstrating certain positive, authentic behaviours in class. Each Adventure Badge falls into one of three categories: Emotional, Responsibility, and Learner.

  • Emotional Badges celebrate behaviours that are related to social and emotional learning.
  • Responsibility Badges celebrate behaviours that are related to personal and social responsibility.
  • Learner Badges celebrate behaviours that are related to the adoption of effective learning habits.

Each Adventure Badge also has a rating that indicates how challenging it can be to unlock it. This rating is indicated by the colour of the badge’s outer ring. As you’ll see later, a badge’s rarity can also affect how a player progresses through the Player Levels. The three levels are:

  • Common Badges that have a white outer ring.
  • Uncommon Badges that have a silver outer ring.
  • Rare Badges that have a gold outer ring.

As students unlock new badges, the unlocked badges get added to their Adventure Badges Profile which lives as a Google Slides template that gets assigned to your students via Google Classroom. This template can be easily customized to showcase your school’s banding and each student can personalize their own profile with their name, a short bio, and a profile picture of their choosing.

To guide you through the process of setting the Adventure Badges up in Google Classroom, I created this walkthrough video for you:

As students unlock new badges, they “level up” in the game as they move through the different Gem Levels and Steps.

Also included in the download is a Google Slides-based graphic generator that allows teachers/schools to easily (within seconds) create beautiful graphics that can be used to celebrate their students’ achievements in the game.

Finally, after purchasing and download the Adventure Badges resources, you will have the option of signing up for the Adventure Badge Community Newsletter. Things that I will be sharing via this newsletter include:

  • ⚡️Adventure Badges Booster Packs: Sets of three new badge graphics that can be added to the game.
  • 💎 New Player Levels: For students who have made it to the highest levels (as well as new ways to level up in the game!)
  • 🔥 Legendary Badges: To mark outstanding achievements and/or special occasions.
  • 📰 Stories From Other Schools: To learn more about the fun ways schools are implementing the Adventure Badges.
  • 💡 New Badge Submissions: Opportunities for you to submit your own badge ideas (and have your idea celebrated if it makes it into the game!)

The Adventure Badges Game will continue to grow and evolve over time. As it does so, the price of the resource will increase to ensure that it is aligned to the value the Adventure Badges provide. That said, by getting in early and signing up for the Adventure Badges Community Newsletter, you will have access to all future features for free! 🥳

I can’t wait to see how this grows over time! Thanks for reading and Happy Teaching!