Virtual PE Lesson Template


Get started with effective online physical education lessons with this Google Slides-based template to build your virtual lessons with!



The Virtual PE Lesson Template is a Google Slides document that you can use to create your virtual PE lessons. The template includes the following slides:

📛 A Title Slide

The purpose of this slide is to share the title of your lesson. Before you start editing here, make sure that you are editing a copy of the original template and not the original template itself.

🎯 The What/Why/How Slide

The purpose of this slide is to help your students understand the intention behind today’s lesson.

🗺 The Learning Roadmap Slide

The purpose of this slide is to help your students reflect on where they are currently at in their learning.

🤷‍♂️ The “This Or That” Activity Slides

The purpose of this slide is to let the students know that they will be engaging in a This Or That activity. Here is how this activity works:

  1. 👀 The teacher shares a “This Or That” question (e.g. a question that has two possible answers to choose from).
  2. ✅ Students are then provided with the two choice options.
  3. 💪 Students select their options and demonstrate their choice by performing an exercise/movement that is associated with that option.

My intention with this resource was to help out those teachers who are intimidating by the sudden change in their teaching reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. I hope that this tool can help those teachers take a breather and start again.