What Great Coaches Do Poster


Help your students understand how to be effective coaches in peer assessment situations with this printable poster!

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Peer-assessment, or Mini-Coaching as I like to call it, is a skill that must be taught in order to be effective. Students performing peer-assessment play an important role in their classmate’s learning. Taking the time to teach your students the importance of that role and how to do it well contributes to the overall culture of learning in you physical education program.

I designed the “What Great Coaches Do” Poster to unpack what effective Mini-Coaching looks like and to serve as a reminder to my students of how they can all be great coaches in physical education. The poster breaks good coaching down into five key behaviours:

❤️ Coaches Show They Care

🎯 Coaches Set Clear Goals

📋 Coaches Look For Details

👍 Coaches Give Clear Feedback

🏆 Coaches Seek To Improve

Each key behaviour is accompanied by a short description as well as both a non-example and example of what that behaviour could sound like in class (pulled from my own experiences in teaching PE! I’m sure you’ll recognize a few).

Happy Teaching!