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Set clear intentions for learning, help students find meaning in your lessons, and communicate your learning targets with the “What, Why, How” graphics!

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A few years back, my friend Terri Drain introduced me to the idea of setting a lesson’s intentions with the “What?”, “Why?”, and “How?”

In its simplest form, the “What, Why, How” (WWH) system answers the questions:

💡 What are we learning today?

🎯 Why are we learning it?

🔍 How will we know we have learned it?

This free, printable download will give you access to the “What, Why, How” graphics I designed for my teaching as well as the templates I created to build my WWH sheet database for my teaching (learn more about that here).

Since I was first introduced to the WWH system, it has become a core component of my lessons and has breathed a sense of purpose and intention into everything we do in class. Over the years, the system has evolved with my teaching and I’ve adopted tips/tricks for managing it across every lesson and each grade I teach.

To help you understand how to bring the WWH system to your teaching, I recorded an episode of The #PhysEd Show Podcast in which I go over each component and walk you through exactly how it all lives in my teaching. You can listen to that episode using the player below. Make sure to check out the show notes in which I share tons of visuals, links, and other resources to help you get going!

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As you’ll learn in the episode, one of the trickiest parts of the WWH system is writing effective learning targets that are presented in your lesson’s “How”. To help you develop your capacity to write great learning targets, I produced an episode of The #PhysEd Show Vlog which you can watch below (again, there is lots of extra information in the show notes for that episode, so click the button below to view those!)

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I hope that all of that information helps you confidently adopt the “What, Why, How” system in your teaching! Feel free to share photos on social media of you using it in your teaching and make sure you give Terri Drain a follow!

Happy Teaching!