Whole-Body Listening Poster


Help your students understand what active listening looks/feels like with the Whole-Body Listening Poster & Reminder Dots!

This is a printable product download.



Active listening is the foundation of staying safe, learning new skills, and communication in class.

To help my students learn what active listening looks like, I designed this Whole-Body Listening Poster to unpack the concept with them.

Whole-body listening means:

👂 I listen with my ears.

👀 I listen with my eyes.

🙂 I listen with my mouth.

🧠 I listen with my mind.

❤️ I listen with my heart.

We’ll unpack what all of this means together in class and refer back to the Whole-Body Listening Poster (and the Reminder Dots I made to go with it) as needed in our lessons.

Happy Teaching!