Yoga Pose Cards


Help your students strengthen their yoga practice with this set of 24 Yoga Pose Cards and the Yoga Sequence Builder Activity!



I made these Yoga Pose Cards to help students get to know a variety of common yoga poses so that they can become comfortable as they begin (or deepen) their yoga practice in physical education class.

The set is built around the 24 Yoga Pose Cards. Each card features the pose’s name (both its common name and Sanskrit name), a student-friendly graphic illustrating the pose, and some basic cues on how to perform it.

Also included on each card is a Lotus Flower rating system. I wanted to create a simple way for students to get to see what kind of challenge each pose presents and also to help them design yoga sequences that are balanced. The Lotus Flower rating provides a three-point scale rating for flexibility, muscular tension, and balance.

The 24 Yoga Pose Cards are available in the download in both PDF versions (for easy printing to use these in your face-to-face lessons) and PNG versions (to easily include these in the digital resources you create for your virtual PE lessons).

Also available in the download is the set of Yoga Pose Prompts. These are simplified versions of the Yoga Pose Cards that are smaller and only include the pose’s names and its graphic. Just as with the Yoga Pose Cards, the prompts are available in both PDF and PNG formats.

If you’d like to have these yoga poses visible in your gym at all times, I also included a printable Yoga Pose Overview Poster that can provide your students with a quick look at all 24 poses at once!

Finally, I created a learning activity in which students are invited to design their own yoga sequences. The Yoga Sequence Builder activity is available in the download in two teacher-friendly formats.

The first is as a printable assessment sheet. With this sheet, students can simply draw out the poses that they wish to include in their yoga sequence.

The second format is as a Google Classroom-friendly Google Slides document (available in the download as a “Make A Copy” link in the README file). This is perfect for hybrid or virtual PE settings. To make things even simpler for you, I created a tutorial video that can walk students through how to edit their Yoga Sequence Builder in Google Slides. You can watch the tutorial video below!

This activity can be a perfect way to have students make their yoga experience in PE a personal one. Students can also easily export their completed yoga sequences as image files so that they can share them with their classmates or family (in Google Slides, go “File”, then “Download”, then select either “PNG image” or “JPEG image”).

I hope these Yoga Pose Cards bring value to your teaching! As always, thank you for your support!

🧘 Happy Teaching!