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ThePhysicalEducator.com is an online professional development resource for Physical Education Teachers and Health Specialists.

Our mission is to help you become the best Physical Education Teacher you can be.

Skill Posters

Enhanced with technology, our skill posters will help your students visualize various skills, discover each skill’s critical elements and engage in deliberate practice.

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Purposeful Games

Our games and activities are designed to help your students master grade-level outcomes and develop their physical literacy!

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#PhysEd Visuals

We’ve create a series of beautiful, educational visuals for your gym to help you build a culture of learning in physical education!

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Physical Education Resources

Twitter #PECHAT

The premier Twitter chat for physical educators, #pechat is a bi-monthly chat that is free to join and moderated by leaders within the #physed community!

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Innovative Blog

Our blog is where we share our most innovative ideas for physical education in order to help you take your teaching to the next level!

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Online Shop

We are proud to provide you with high quality, premium resources for your teaching. From graphics to assessment tools, our shop will get you fired up!

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Recent Blog Posts

Plickers Assessment Magnets

Plickers Assessment Magnets

A few months ago, I published a video/blog post in which I shared how I use Plickers and my Assessment Magnet system in my teaching for assessment purposes. If you haven’t seen...

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03 May 2017
Volleyball Passes QR Skill Posters

The New QR Sport Skill Posters

When I relaunched ThePhysicalEducator.com back in December, there was a key element of the site that wasn’t quite ready for launch day: the QR Sport Skill Posters. Although my original intention...

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03 May 2017
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