Builders & Bulldozers

Focus Skills: Heart Rate · Intensity Levels

Builders and Bulldozers is a Standards-based Health and Fitness Game that is perfect for pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary PE programs. It is a perfect way for a teacher to introduce concepts related to the heart, resting heart rate, and physical activity levels. It can be played in a gym, in a large classroom or outdoors.

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

The teacher scatters cones within the playing area, leaving some upright and some knocked over.

The teacher divides the class into two teams: the Builders and the Bulldozers.

On the teacher’s signal, students begin to play.

The Builders’ job is to set any knocked over cone upright.

The Bulldozers job is to knock over any upright cone (they must use their hands and cannot kick cones).

Each round lasts 1-2 minutes.

If there are more cones set upright than knocked over at the end of the round, the Builders win. If there are more cones knocked over than are upright, the Bulldozers win.

After each round, have the teams switch roles.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Work Zones

Students get into a scattered formation within the playing area. Before starting the round, students must calculate their resting heart rate. On the teacher’s signal, students move around the playing area for a pre-determined amount of time. At the end of the time, students recheck their heart rate and notice any changes that have occurred.

Build Two: Builders

The teacher now places a large amount of cones in the playing area, making sure each cone is knocked over. In this build, all of the students are Builders. The teacher gives the class a time challenge (e.g. 45 seconds). Builders attempt to set as many cones as possible upright within the time challenge.

Build Three: Bulldozers

With all of the cones set upright, the class now restarts this process. However, in this build, all of the students are Bulldozers. Bulldozers attempt to knock over as many cones as possible within the allotted amount of time.

Build Four: Builders And Bulldozers

The teacher now divides the class into two teams: Builders and Bulldozers. The teacher should also ensure that there is an equal amount of upright cones as there are knocked over ones.

Each round of this build should last only 1-2 minutes. On the teacher’s signal, the Builders attempt to set upright any cone that is knocked over and the Bulldozers attempt to knock over any upright cones.

At the end of the round, whichever team has the most cones set in their favour (upright for the Builders or knocked over for the Bulldozers) wins.

Before having the teams switch roles and start a new round, the teacher can invite students to check their heart rate and determine which level of intensity they are working at (students can use the Borg RPE chart to help them determine this).

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Recognizes that when you move fast, your heart beats faster and you breath faster. (S3.E3.K)

Identifies the heart as a muscle that grows stronger with exercise, play, and physical activity. (S3.E3.1)

Participates in moderate to vigorous aerobic physical activity that includes intermittent or continuous aerobic physical activity of both moderate and vigorous intensity for at least 60 minutes per day. (S3.M6.6)

Defines resting heart rate and describes its relationship to aerobic fitness and the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale. (S3.M13.6)

Defines how the RPE Scale can be used to determine the perception of the work effort or intensity of exercise. (S3.M13.7)

Defines how the RPE Scale can be used to adjust workout intensity during physical activity. (S3.M13.8)

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How did your heart rate change throughout the game?

How do you know the level of intensity you are working at?

What is the impact of engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity in terms of heart health?

safetyicon Safety Information

Students should avoid contact with each other throughout the game.

Students should only use their hands to set cones upright and/or knock them over.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements



Borg RPE Poster

Assessment Magnets

Heart Rate Monitors (optional)