Focus Skills: Avoiding Opponents · Defending Territory · Zone Penetration

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Two teams are chosen and placed on either side of the room.
A line or cones show the start line for each team, of which is the safe/finish zone for the opposing team.
A line/cones also are placed at the center of the two teams.
On ‘go’, the teams will try to run to the opposite side of the room.
Once teams pass the centre line, they can be tagged by the opposing team.
The player can be unfrozen in two ways. First, a player who has made it to the safe/finish zone, can give up their position, grab the shoulder of the frozen player and return to the original side. Second, a player can come across, grab the shoulder of the the frozen player and then return.
The game ends when all players are in the opposing sides’ safe zone.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Zone Penetration
Teams stand in their zones. On the teacher’s signal, Team A runs across their opponents’ territory, into the safe zone. On the teacher’s signal, Team A then returns to their zone. During this, Team B remains frozen and does not attempt to block Team A’s passage. Repeat the process with Team B running and Team A remaining frozen in their zone.
Build Two: Avoiding Opponents
Now that teams understand the limits of the game and how to win (by having their entire team make it to the safe zone), play the game with the full rule.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Avoid Defense
Zone Penetration

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How do you avoid being tagged by an opposing player?
How do you know what you and your team are going to do?
How do you successfully enter the other team’s zone?

safetyicon Safety Information

Remind students should keep their heads up when running

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements