Focus Skills: Fielding The Ball · Running Bases · Strategically Hitting The Ball

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

eams set up in a baseball diamond-shaped playing area.
One team starts at bat, the other starts in the field.
The batting team lines up behind third base
The first player from the batting team goes to home plate and is thrown a ball, which they attempt to strike, by the second player from the batting team (who pitches from the middle of the diamond).
The batting player, after having struck the ball, attempts to run to first base and then, if possible, second base.
Once the running player commits to reaching second base, they may not turn back.
If the batting player makes it to first base, they score one point for their team.
If the batting player makes it to second base, they score two points for their team.
Once a player has has their turn at bat, the go to the back of the batting line.
The batting player is out if: a) the ball they struck is caught out of the air, or b) if the fielding team gets the ball to first base before the batting player gets there (or to second base if the batting player has already passed first base).
Each player on the batting team gets a turn at bat and then the teams switch roles.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Base Running
Have one team line up behind home plate and the other team behind third base. On the teacher’s signal, the first player behind home plate runs around the bases, stopping behind the line at third. As soon as that player takes off, the first player behind third base runs to home plate and gets behind the line there. Players at third base must wait until the next player at home plate takes off before running home.

Build Two: Singles
Teams play the game with the full rules. However, in this build, there is no option to run to second base (players may therefore only score one point.
Build Three: Doubles
Teams play the game with the full rules.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Running Bases
Strategically Hitting The Ball
Fielding The Ball

questionsicon Discussion Questions

At bat, where should you send the ball to avoid getting out?
In the field, where should you send the ball to prevent the batting team from scoring a maximum amount of points?
In baseball, where should you send the ball when you have a player at third base?

safetyicon Safety Information

Have students drop (not throw) the bat after batting
To avoid collisions, you can have two bases at each base (one for the runners and one for the fielders)

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Tennis Balls
Baseball Gloves (Optional)



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