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Focus Skills: Avoiding Opponents · Creating Space · Zone Penetration

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Divide the class into teams. Choose one team and have them make four rows of lines one in front of the other each about 10 feet away from each other. Each line should have 2 players.
Have the rest of the class line up on the end line facing the 4 lines and their objective is to get from their end to the other end without being touched by the defenders.
The defenders can only slide along their line and can reach out to tag other players without coming off their line. Once a player passes them safely they can no longer tag that player.
If a player is able to move his way through the 4 lines and reaches the other end they have to pick up a bean bag (only one) and go around the outside of the court established by pylons and place the bean bag in their teams basket at the start.
The player can now try again to get to the other side and retrieve a beanbag.
If a player is tagged by a defender, they must exit the court on the left or the right and go back to the start again. Change the defenders every five minutes.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Playing Area
Both teams line up on the start line. On the teacher’s signal, teams must run to the opposite end line and then return their starting spot by running back outside the playing area.
Build Two: Zone Penetration
One team (the offensive team) remains at the start line. The other team’s players (the defensive team) place themselves on the different marked lines in the playing area. The offensive team must attempt to cross each of the marked lines and get to the end line without being tagged. The defensive players, who must keep both feet on the marked line they are standing on, attempts to tag offensive players as they pass. If an offensive player is tagged, they must exit the game via the sideline and return to the start.

Build Three: Zone Penetration
In this layer, the teacher adds beanbags at the end line which the offensive players must attempts to collect. The teacher can create challenges for the offensive team (e.g. “Collect 10 beanbags in 3 minutes)
Build Four: Pivoting
In this layer, the defensive players may pivot while keeping one foot on the marked line. Therefore, they may tag offensive players standing in front of behind them.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Avoid Defense
Zone Penetration
Create Space

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How do you move through the lines without being tagged?
How do you move from zone to zone successfully?
How do you create space between you and the defender(s)?

safetyicon Safety Information

Make sure defenders are aware of proper tagging (shoulders, arms & back)

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

30-40 Beanbags
2 Baskets
Pylons to mark boundaries