Speed Ball

Speed Ball

Focus Skills: Attacking a Goal · Creating Space · Maintaining Possession

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Class is divided into two groups
Each team has a basketball net at the end line of the
playing area and two goals (bench, hockey net, etc.) for
each end corner of their half of the playing area.
Teams pass the ball around in the air, like in basketball (but no bounce pass).
If the ball falls to the ground, it is now played as a soccer
A player may kick a ball into his or a teammates hands, but may not pick up the ball.
If a ball is kicked or thrown into the basket, that team
receives 2 points.
If a ball is kicked into a corner goal, that team receives 1
The goal is to score more points than the opponents.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Moving the Ball Forward
Teams start in their own end, standing on the baseline. Each team has their own ball. On the teacher’s signal, both teams attempt to move the ball forward towards the opposite baseline by making passes between each other. All players must have made contact with the ball before getting to the opposite baseline. Players may not disrupt the play of the other team.
Build Two: Defense
In this layer, only one team will attempt to move the ball forward while the other team plays warm defense (e.g. arm’s distance from the player they are guarding). Defensive players may intercept passes. If a pass is intercepted, the offensive team must restart back at their baseline. Teams switch roles after three attempts.

Build Three: Attacking a Goal (Basketball)
Teams now must attempt to score a point by throwing the ball into the basketball net. Doing so awards the offensive team with three point. Players in possession of the ball may only pivot. If the ball is dropped or goes out of bounds, possession is given to the defensive team.
Build Four: Attacking a Goal (Soccer)
In this layer, if the ball is dropped, players continue to play by dribbling the ball with their feet. A ball on the ground may not be picked up, but can be caught out of the air (i.e. players can flick the ball up to their hands or to a teammate). A ball on the ground may be used to score into either of the two soccer nets that a team is attacking. Doing so awards the offensive team with one point.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Attacking a Goal
Maintain Possession
Create Space

questionsicon Discussion Questions

What does your team do to successfully score a goal? What does your team do to maintain possession of the ball?
How do you move to get away from a defender?

safetyicon Safety Information

No body contact
Kicked ball must be below knee

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Foam Balls
Basketball Nets
Hockey Nets (or Benches)