Whacky Baseball

Whacky Baseball

Focus Skills: Fielding The Ball · Running Bases · Striking The Ball


Quick Rules

Set up a whacky baseball playing area with 10+ bases.
Divide the class into two teams: one batting team and one fielding team.
The fielding team spreads out to cover as much as the playing area as possible.
The batting team places themselves on the bases (they can be more than one per base) with one player starting a home plate (they will be the first at bat).
The teacher stands at a safe distance from the batting player and will act as the pitcher.
Once the batting player has successfully struck the ball, all players on the batting team begin running around the bases.
The fielding team attempts to field the ball and place it on top of a cone in the middle of the playing area.
Once the ball is on the cone, or if the ball is caught directly out of the air, the teacher says “freeze” and all running players must return to the last base they touched.
The batting team earns a point each time one of their players makes it back to home plate.
Once all of the players on the batting team have had a turn at bat, the teams switch roles.



Build One: Base Running
Have the teams run around the bases in order. Teams continue to run laps around the bases. When the teachers says “freeze”, players must return to the last base they touched.

Build Two: Throwing The Ball
Teams now play the game by throwing the ball rather than striking it.

Build Three: Striking The Ball (from a tee)
Teams now play the game by striking the ball from a tee.

Build Four: Striking The Ball (thrown by a partner)
Teams now play the game by striking a ball thrown by the teacher.


Grade Level Outcomes

Running Bases
Striking The Ball
Fielding The Ball


Discussion Questions

At bat, how do you move around the bases as quickly as possible?
How do you properly strike the ball?
As fielders, how can you get the ball back to the cone as fast as possible?


Safety Information

Have students drop (not throw) the bat after batting
Allow students from the batting team to pass each other when running around the bases.


Equipment Requirements

Tennis Balls
Baseball Gloves (Optional)



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