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Since 2010, Joey Feith – founder of – has been serving physical educators around the world through his resources, ideas, and public speaking engagements. A celebrated and sought-after public speaker, Joey prides himself on being able to connect with teachers in an authentic way and provide them with the tools they need to grow. As an award-winning physical educator, Joey has shared his ideas with teachers at local, state/provincial, national, and international levels. He is a trusted source within the profession and a leader who is certain to help ignite a fire in the belly of the teachers he works with!

About Joey Feith

My name is Joey Feith and I’m the founder of For over a decade, I’ve been focused on helping physical education teachers grow their practice through innovative resources, insightful blog posts, and engaging professional development events.

At the same time, I’ve been teaching! There is no doubt in my mind that becoming a physical educator was what I was born to do. The joy, challenge, and excitement I find in teaching has fueled my passion and motivated me to go beyond the walls of my gym and help inspire teachers to elevate their own pedagogy in their own way.

I am always – always – excited to get to help fellow educators find new ways to infuse their teaching with purpose and meaning. It is why I’ve committed myself to sharing as much as I can with millions of teachers, administrators, and leaders around the world.

Outside of my work at, you can usually find me spending time with my family, walking in nature, or paddling on my paddleboard.

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What I Bring To Your Event

Inspiring Presentations

My presentations are known to keep attendees engaged through meaningful messages, innovative ideas and incredible visuals!

Real-World Practices

As an experienced teacher striving to be as effective as I can be, I only share best practices that I have tried and tested in my own teaching.

Online Engagement

I want to help your teachers connect with the online #physed community and have teachers from around the globe be a part of your event via social media.

Event Promotion

Using’s vast online reach, I want to help you maximize your event’s attendance to benefit the most teachers possible!

Innovative Resources

Your attendees will gain access to a wide variety of innovative teaching resources that will help them take their pedagogy to the next level!

Authentic Passion

Between sessions, you’ll find me shooting the breeze with your attendees as we share our ideas and our passion for teaching.

Popular Topics

Purposeful Physical Education

Teach with intention and purpose by adopting a standards-based approach in your teaching! In this session, I will introduce you to a backwards design approach that will help both you and your students understand what is to be learned in PE, how you know if learning has occurred, and, most importantly, why it is so important that it be learned in the first place! The simple step-by-step method presented in this session combined with the real-world examples of applied standards-based approaches will leave you with the confidence you need to take your teaching to the next level!

Assessment In Action

Assessment in physical education is an obstacle that continues to bewilder physical educators from around the world. The constant struggle to balance “activity time” with “reflection time” leaves teachers, and their students, confused as to what to prioritize. In this active session, I’ll be sharing some good news: that assessment can be baked into activities in class so as to maximize both student participation and reflection all while allowing teachers to collect important evidence of their students’ learning! We will explore different methods I use in my teaching to promote ongoing reflection and data collection in each and every lesson. You will leave this session with a variety of tools and tactics that can be immediately applied in your teaching!

Developing Healthy School Communities

Imagine being able to unite your entire school community around the idea that healthy students learn – and live – best! That is the power of a healthy school community (HSC). In this session, we will be exploring the need for developing a healthy school community in each and every school around the globe. I will walk you through the evidence-based benefits of such communities as well as the HSC framework that provides you with a roadmap to success. Tapping into my own experience, I will share how I put together a month-long event that served as the spark that launched my school into its own HSC journey. This session is for teachers, administrators, parents and leaders who are ready to champion health for all students!

Social and Emotional Learning: Baking It Into Your Program’s DNA

For too long, our education systems have failed to prepare students for the social and emotional challenges that they will face in the world. This has contributed to the decreases in student-reported well-being that we are now observing in schools and homes. To counter this, schools need to implement school-wide SEL initiatives that show students that the school cares about them as individuals and not just producers of grades and test scores. But where do we start with SEL? This session will provide you with a clear framework and teacher-tested tools that will empower you to make social and emotional learning a meaningful part of every lesson!

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