Elf Express

Focus Skills: Communication · Planning · Teamwork

Elf Express is a Standards-based Cooperation Game that is great for Elementary level PE programs. It focuses on Communication, Teamwork, and Planning. It can be played in a gym or outdoors.

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Divide your class into teams.
Teams get into line formations, with each team member standing in a hoop.
Each line is the team’s “sled”.
To move their team’s sled forward, the player at the back of the line steps into the hoop in front of them. They then pick up the empty hoop behind them and pass it to the front, making sure that each player on the team touches the hoop.
Once the hoop gets to the player in front, that player places the hoop in front of the line and all team players shift forward (which allows the sled to move forward by one hoop).
Teams attempt to get their entire team pass the end line within a certain amount of time.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Moving The Sled
Players play the game with the full version of the rules. The teacher makes sure that players are not spacing the hoops out too much and that no players are stepping outside of the hoops.

Build Two: Collecting Toys
Teams get back into their line formations.
The teachers scatters beanbags throughout the gym, making sure that the beanbags are colour-coordinated with the teams’ colours and that there is one beanbag per team member.
Teams must now attempt to move throughout the gym and collect all of the beanbags of their team’s colour.
A player may collect a beanbag as long as they have both feet in their hoop.
If a player steps outside of their hoop, the teacher may remove one beanbag from that team and place it somewhere else in the gym as a penalty.
The challenge is to collect all of your team’s beanbags within a certain time limit.

Build Three: Delivering Toys
Now that the teams have collected their toys (beanbags), they must deliver them!
The teacher places hoops throughout the gym which will serve as chimneys.
using the same technique to move their sled as they have been using the whole game, teams attempts to place one of their beanbags in each of the chimneys within a given time limit.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes


questionsicon Discussion Questions

How could make your sled move faster?
How did you decide which toy/chimney to visit first?
What could your teammates do to motivate you?

safetyicon Safety Information

Make sure that the distance between the hoops is never so great that students need to jump from one hoop to the other (landing on a hoop can cause it to slide).

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements